Saturday, May 29, 2010

The beginning of the story

Quite unfortunately, I found out the fun way that police officers in LA are hopelessly corrupt. I have had a lot of police contacts in my day due to reading Thoreau's Civil Disobedience dozens of times as a teenager. This also was my period of punk rock anti-authoritarian music, the combination of the two resulted in a healthy respect for the law and healthy disrespect for law enforcement officers not enforcing it or abusing their authority. I will respect a government worthy of respect, however any fool can make a rule and any fool will mind one. I respect a police officer in the performance of their lawful duties because it is a dangerous yet necessary job, but if I *KNOW* they are violating my rights, I always am willing to be subject to arrest to fight for my principles in court. I am willing to work within the system to ultimately change it to the best of my ability. This perspective got me in quite a bit of trouble lately, due to police corruption and misconduct - specifically the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department, Santa Clarita Substation. These blog posts will be edited as time allows, but essentially here is my mission presently.

I want to form an organization to independently investigate and audit reports of police corruption, abuse, and harassment in the tri-county area. I have heard dozens of plausible stories regarding police corruption here, and have never suffered as much abuse for as little reason any of the other several places I have lived. Right now I do not need donations, but a board of directors who are willing to help me find funding and will be able to contribute legal or law enforcement knowledge for the cause. If you want to donate to me personally so I can continue my quest to bring these crooked cops to justice, contract me for work at a reasonable rate, I am a very talented CIO and network engineer. I do not want handouts, I want clients and I labor for love, so you will get your IT infrastructure running tip top, and support a guy taking on the whole corrupt system by himself.

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