Saturday, May 29, 2010

My first arrest without probable cause, exigent circumstances, reasonable suspicion, or warrant

About eight weeks ago, I was arrested by LASD who planted drugs and stole my pistol from my house because they thought I was a druggie punk, and had no idea that my close friend is one of the best attorneys in town or that I was a young professional who had been working with lawyers for a decade. The law firm I was working at until shortly before this mess was supposed to be the last 'job' I had, and I was working on getting myself into law school when the recent shenanigans hit. I have never violated any law in California save traffic or possession of controlled substances on my own person or inside my own home with one exception of 647(f) drunk in public when I was too tossed in public without someone appropriately babysitting me. I knew never possessing while on the street or driving would ensure there would never be PC for a search, and if I did not steal or lie I found my actions moral. I am an aspiring attorney and want to keep my criminal record clean so I can get a JD from Pepperdine and be peers with my former attorney role models instead of the punk kid keyboard commander cowboy network engineer, even if I bill out more than an attorney anyways. I will admit I was a drug user in order to self medicate my plethora of psychological issues as I never got appropriate treatment as a child for my autism/anxiety disorders. I had been abusing alcohol and drugs since 17 because it was the only way I could function in my life. Now I realize the error of my ways, I am such a teetotaler I refuse to even take my psychological medication prescribed to me.

I have always had (since 14 when I started my very successful High School Debate career) a fascination with the law and politics that lead me to incessantly research philosophy, law, and political sciences. I joined the Libertarian party at 15, and always wanted to be the first Libertarian president. Thus, I always ensured I never was in a position where I would be searched or approached by police officers, so I could lead a normal functional life as a young professional and not tarnish a potential political career when the time was right. At heart, I find the idea of restricting my personal liberties of what substances to ingest abhorrent and against the framer's intent, especially when there are more drug related fatalities from prescribed drugs. I have read HDT Walden and Civil Disobedience so many times, I have gone through several copies.

My roommate and I were just having a loud evening home alone and shouting about a video game on internet voice relay while drinking a few beers. The private patrol for the HOA had been harassing us as we were the loudest people in our building, and they asked us to tone it down about once-twice a week which we always complied with. This time the PPO was rude to me, and acting authoritative, so I told him "Sorry buddy but you aren't a real cop, and if the HOA fines us I will pay it. Get out of here before I get angry enough to file a complaint with your supervisor, and next time keep a professional tone." He then contacted the Santa Clarita Sheriffs, but the response time was less than four minutes so he called a buddy, not dispatch. I imagine the conversation being like "Hey man, these kids are flipping me shit, can you come put the fear of God in them?"

Due to how nice a place my roommate and I had, and how young we both are, the police assumed they could intimidate us because our standard of living was financed illegally. I imagine that generally for a household with two people in their mid twenties exceeding $150k/y that generally is true, but their cum hoc ergo propter hoc fallacious reasoning automatically made us drug dealing scumbags in their heads. They advised me to open the door very forcibly when I I advised them through the door upon their arrival they could cite me for a noise ordinance violation, and had not met the threshold for disturbing the peace or compelling an arrest. Additionally I advised them I would not allow them in for a 'wellness' check as they had not met the appropriate burden. They very forcibly told me to open the door, and I figured if we weren't yelling through the door it could deescalate the situation, so I opened the door and took several steps back into my home hoping to show good faith and ease their anxiety/anger. As I began to advise them calmly that they could enter to perform a wellness check, they stepped into the foyer, grabbed me, threw me down on the concrete outside, and cuffed me up. I began to have a panic attack as I knew they were violating my rights exceeding their mandate.

Then while inside the house they cuffed up my roommate Adam who was absolutely wrecked, tossed the house, and forced him while drunk and handcuffed to sign a release to search 'Common Areas' while they kept him in the living room. He was too drunk to realize and too scared to care they were tossing my room, where they found my stash box that was very well hidden in the bottom/back/behind my guitar amplifier. I had been sober for weeks hoping to make a girl I was in love with proud, she never asked me to get clean so I cleaned myself up hoping it would enamor her of me and she would take me more seriously. Because I detoxed without the supervision of a doctor, I had been having very severe anxiety, mood swings, alexithymia, and rage via autistic tantrums. This search was completely past their legal ability for a wellness check as they actually searched my room, not common areas - they lied on the paperwork saying my drug kit was out in the open, when in fact it was very cleverly hidden.

I had been polite, professional, and courteous with them initially, but once detained after being snatched out of the house I just lost it and told them they were all going down for police harassment/corruption/brutality. There wasn't enough in my stash box to make a felony, so they planted some more. Then they snagged my keys, cell phone, laptop, and my legally possessed not entered into evidence Glock 22 pistol serial KCC-206. I was in jail from Thursday to Monday until my attorney got me set up with pc1000 summary probation due to my clean criminal record, so I do not know if they just took my cell and keys at the time of arrest, and grabbed my computer and pistol later, but my backpack was missing so I assume they came back when Adam had left the house to collect my other belongings.

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