Saturday, May 29, 2010

Second arrest, this one made me homeless and locked up in a mental hospital

A week later Adam and I had been arguing so much due to the stress of the previous situation, his constant intoxication in stark contrast to my sobriety, and had argued to the point where I had decided to move out having booked a flight in the late evening out of Burbank to Spokane, where I grew up. Now being completely sober fearing additional injustice, my psychological state had due to being on probation and fearing reprisal gotten my rage blinding hot resulting in a physical very heated fistfight with Adam when I showed up to pick up my belongings. He is a former combat veteran Marine and I am a trained martial artist, so it was pretty rowdy and I knew the cops would come and try to put me in jail again. Adam and I like men hugged and shook hands after we beat the crap out of each other, then I told him the cops were probably already en route and to keep his head down and I would handle the issue. When they started pounding on the door, I was completely sober and armed with the knowledge they would play dirty.

I called my attorney on speakerphone as I heard my keys click in the door. I yelled as loud as I could down the hallway "Officers I absolutely will not permit entry into my home without probable cause and a warrant signed by a judge. You do not have exigent circumstances for anything save a noise complaint, nor reasonable suspicion a felony has been committed. If you do enter by force I am unarmed, and face down on the floor with my hands on my head, however you are exceeding your authority and mandate committing a felonious forcible entry! You guys enforce the law, you shouldn't be doing this and if you continue in this action I will ensure you are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law you are responsible to uphold! I am recording this and on the phone with my attorney." They rolled a swat team because the same officers attempting to discredit me saw Adam's collection of firearms during their previous unannounced visit, and called Adam on his cell phone asking to speak with me. I told them I was on the phone with my attorney, and suggested he stayed where he was but told him if he wanted to go outside, he could. When he did, they sent him back in to try to 'reason' with me and he said the SWAT team was going to use flashbangs and come inside in force. I told him, if you are outside and safe, and I am not threatening you, them, or myself... why would there be any reason to enter the home?

My attorney advised me to surrender, I told him if they were going to kill me I'd die for my principles, and one of my principles is not surrendering when no crime had been committed or threat made. My friend Darryl who used to be a LASD dispatcher beeped through on my phone to tell me that he heard over his scanner that a sniper had a bead on my head through the window, so I crawled on my hands and knees into the kitchen where there was the most cover/concealment available. I almost went to go grab the M4, but I figured HDT, Kant, and Jesus would say I'd meet my fate better if I did not struggle - even in my panic attack/adrenaline rush I knew I could not withstand the brunt of a SWAT team and my principles led me to take the higher path. My attorney heard me say dozens of times "Everybody in here is safe, you spoke with Adam outside, I am safe and not hurting anybody, threatening you or myself, am unarmed...why are you escalating the situation?" Michael asked me if I would surrender with him physically guaranteeing my safety, and I said sure. I yelled down to the police "My attorney is en route to ensure my safety during my surrender, please do not escalate this situation. I am unarmed and panicking because you have threatened force when I have been saying I am face down and unarmed this whole time." In order to not write about the rest of the story all day (it gets a lot more interesting from here actually) they rushed in and cuffed me up in the same spot I had been in - face down hands on my head the whole time.

The sergeant was telling me when he cuffed me 'We've been keeping an eye on you for a long time, and know what you're up to." I told him "You're up to some Vic Mackey corrupt cop bullshit trying to shake me down when I am just some nerd who makes money and spends some on drugs, not a criminal kingpin like you think." This made sarge pretty pissy, and he said "We can do whatever we want, we are the law and you are a punk. We will come do this as many times as we want to and there isn't shit you can do about it." I said to him " You guys already set me up for two felonies with no PC, reasonable suspicion, or exigent circumstances to enter my home. Then you tossed my house which you should have required a warrant to enter, then a warrant to enter my personally occupied room. I think you are going to prison because my attorney saw through your reports last time, if he saw it without me telling him anything then I am sure a jury will. Hope you enjoy prison." He then tightened up the cuffs and slammed me into the side of the cruiser, knocking my head when he threw me in back. When I was in the cruiser the window was rolled down, so I was listening to them arguing about not being able to find anything illegal in my home.

Thus began my 8 day nightmarish 5150 hold because they had no charges to hold me with so they did what they could to further discredit me and assert their authority - throw me in a psych ward.

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