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How to make more money than Zuckerberg and get fired for it

Been a while since I've posted. Figured I would catch y'all up on my newest fight - taking the best 'job' I have ever had, and using my exceptional performance to use it as a platform for social entrepreneurship. Most of the brilliant people I have encountered in my days are marginalized in one way or another, most do not have the power and understanding of the part they play in a complex system and do not realize when an organization (company/group/arm of government/etc) is violating their rights. I was perfectly fine at F5 Networks until I saw my colleagues that grew to be friends over time penalized by a system that rewards mediocrity and punishes/exploits ingenuity. Their KPI (Key Performance Indicators) that determine their performance review and bonus figures... and ultimately, their fucking FAMILIES, are hogwash. Management tells you they want feedback, but any given is silently ignored or you are told to drop it. The split between what is said/published and actually is expected was such that I took it upon myself to advocate on their behalf. All of my friends at F5 have families and obligations, I have nothing and that is what makes me free to take on anything. Nothing is more dangerous than a man with nothing to lose, and when you take into account brilliant enough to not break any of the rules/laws and exploiting them to force action. Here is the political capital/clout I developed so I could affect change, optimizing a system that ADP had spent millions of dollars on consultants and dropping the transaction times by a factor of 8.5. Considering they are rolling this out to 45k+ users globally, the performance increase (by my conservative estimate off their fy2010 Admin/Selling/General and multiplying it by that 8.5 factor assuming no additional work product is generated, just straight efficiency) is in at least 10+ billion dollars. That was done over a month of conversations and a 5 hour webex... more than Facebook is valued at. I did it just because I like helping people, and knew if I made a huge win I would be trusted to suggest change to management.

From: Jeff Webb
To: *NA Support
Date: Wed, 9 Feb 2011 22:39:05 +0000

Subject: C822803 - ADP (Factor 5) (Kudos 2 for Phil Hocking)

Keep up the great work Phil...this is a tough customer to impress.

*** NOTES 02/09/2011  1:57:59 PM emailclerk

Sent     : 2/9/2011 1:57:59 PM

From     : "Pierce, Bob" <*>

To       : "F5 Support - Emailclerk"

Subject  : RE: Regarding Case Number C822803


The changes we've made to date have had a substantial impact on the response time of the application in the testing arrangement.

With your help we've taken transaction times, on average, from 28 seconds to right around 6 seconds, which is outstanding!  The next milestone I'm hoping to bridge will be the transaction time from our application probes in Atlanta, GA which have transaction times in the 18 seconds.

The configurations that are currently in place for production traffic are the same as what we've been using for our test setup.  These configurations are what were generated by a configuration tool that, as I understand it, was co-authored between Siebel (now Oracle) and F5, so I'm surprised that none of these configurations that we've implemented were taken into account during the creation of that tool.

While I'm not privy to dollar figures, I do know that Oracle consulting was contacted to migrate our database from Microsoft SQL to Oracle to try and improve application performance and the rough sum of $3 million dollars has been tossed around.  Put that on top of the productivity and client satisfaction increase because of the performance and I'm certain that this tuning has a very high dollar value!

I really appreciate the time you've put in to help with this issue.  I know that tuning isn't necessarily part of general support but it's the willingness to go the extra mile and provide excellent service that adds as much value to a product as does the product's feature set.  With your assistance we've managed to change the perception that there was something wrong with the product into an understanding that large steps can be made with small changes.

Our Siebel implementation is still growing but is being rolled-out to the entire National Accounts division of ADP and will possibly, in time, be rolled out beyond with the potential of upwards of 45,000 associates accessing the application with the majority not being on the local LAN.  I'm hopeful that you'll be able to spend some additional time helping to get the response time from other locations down to more acceptable levels but understand if that's beyond the scope of your responsibilities.


Robert D. Pierce

Sr. Internetwork and Security Engineer

ADP National Accounts - West NSC

4125 Hopyard Rd.

Pleasanton, CA 94588

So, I made them more money than Zuckerberg made from Facebook, on a single project that was outside the scope of F5 support. I did this because I saw how disenfranchised and marginalized my friends were at their jobs, paid very well in a great work environment with no life to speak of and no recognition of their herculean efforts. I was taking this fight to the top for them, because I wanted to make their lives better - as my ultimate goal is to use my entrepreneurial skills to affect real world change.

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From: "Phill Hocking" <>
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Date: Feb 21, 2011 9:47 AM
Subject: Fwd: RE: Exceptional results with no resources
To: <>

Thank you for your time. This liability is the largest this company has ever seen. I require 1.137 million [Editor note: amount necessary to work the opportunities to fruition outside F5 to keep ball rolling, all retainers for the experts I pinged re the project] deposited in my business account @ bank of America * or I leak these documents today. I am not motivated by money, but require action and will need that on the first of every calendar month until a director/c level position is made available to me.
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From: "Phill Hocking" <>
Date: Feb 16, 2011 7:45 PM
Subject: RE: Exceptional results with no resources
To: "Mark Kramer" <>, "Ron Runyon" <>, "Patrick Tulleners" <>, "Jeff Webb" <>, "Matt O'Leary" <M.O'>,  "" <>
Cc: "Sandeep" <>, "Drew" <>, "Jerrod " <>, "Adam" <>, "Kevin" <>, "Russ" <>, "Phillip" <>

Jeff, our discussion earlier today combined with no response from Patrick or Ron made me feel it necessary to elevate awareness of this to the next level of support management, so I have added Mark into the loop.

F5 Networks Anonymous in Seattle, WA:   (Current Employee)
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F5 has received numerous awards for being a great place to work. I have spent time directly working in the offices of other tech giants or as an employee of those companies and non of them compare.

1. Interesting work - Check
2. Smart, hardworking co workers - Check
3. Good Benefits - Check
4. Strong Compensation Package - Check
5. Work/Life Balance - Check
6. Industry Leader - Check
7. Focus on Employee retention - Check

F5 understands that the employees are strategic assets and goes OUT OF ITS WAY to ensure that once you work for F5 you do not want to work anywhere else.

I have had many jobs where I have thought how will this lead to my next position in the next 2 or 3 years. With F5 I am focused on where my career with F5 will go.
Have not had any come up in the last year.
Advice to Senior Management
Increase the transparency between Product Development and Systems Engineers / Support teams. The SE and Support organizations have a tremendous amount of contact with our customers and having better vision into the future of the products can help create a positive feed back loop.
This is what I have been capitalizing upon and the crux of my overall goal. Using this support synergy with my SE experience resulted in huge wins with  GM OnStar, ADP, EPA, Cricket, Bell Mobility, Transaction Network Services, Northrop Grummon, Liberty Mutual, Interclick,………… and the list grows daily when I started barely a month ago. I could care less about the six sigma project if I was just given account team resources so I can work these issues in the field. My concern and urgency is driven by my hot leads fizzling with each passing hour and every request I have made for account team contact and/or additional resources results in no response. I took it upon myself to dig for the appropriate contacts information and am ccing them on this issue. I need to elevate to the right set of eyes all the way up the chain until someone has the discretion to give me resources to work the opportunity a man only finds once in life. The war can wait, but I need to be in the bay area with account team resources ASAP or this will be for nothing.
From our discussion earlier:

I understand case review is part of your responsibility Jeff, but until today had only had one time that you had requested status/barrier to close and never at any point received unsolicited advice. It leads me to believe that when I was keeping my head down and simply working cases hitting the numbers, you basically told me ‘whatever you are doing keep at it’. Now that I am attempting to address the bigger issue and do what is best for the company as a whole, even though it exceeds my scope of responsibility - I am now under a microscope because ‘the squeaky wheel gets the grease’. I’m not failing to meet the metric for performance or causing exceptions to the process. The focus has shifted from carte blanche trust and backing me on any issues I bring, to tactics I feel are intended to sidetrack my goals (that again are in the best interest of the company as a whole) by creating issue where there is none. I value our rapport and relationship heavily, but my ultimate concern that I am trying to address is one that every person I have engaged regarding this says the same thing. ‘Awesome, let me know how I can help. On board and this has been the fight since day one. Good luck, they won’t listen to you but shouldn’t stop you from trying.”

This is not my words at all, just something that came up on a google hit while I was performing research:

The local management - delivery managers, as they're called - are very inexperienced, and most of them add little value. By having engineers report to such people, the company has effectively washed its hands off the professional and personal development of the people that actually do the work. The work culture is effectively that of apathy. Delivery managers keep competence in check by ensuring that mediocre performance is rewarded, incompetence is shielded and metrics are manipulated up to make them look good.

You guys are hardly inexperienced in your career or industry, in fact probably the most capable and talented “managers” I have ever encountered in theory, but the politics/process/goal alignment is so broken that you are forced into situations where this is the end result, even if not the intention.

By Michael Schein, Vice President of Product Development, The Results Companies 

Average Handle Time. Customer Satisfaction. Quality Assurance Scores.
These are just a few of the Key Performance Indicators that are the common currency of the contact center industry. It is by examining these metrics (and others like them), that many call center leaders manage their operations. If you’ve ever tried to interrupt a certain breed of call center veteran who was hunched over a spread sheet full of these statistics, you’ll know what I mean. Once you get the grizzled vet to look up at you, he’ll launch into a speech about how the numbers tell him everything he needs to know about what is working at the facility and the areas causing its problems.

While a strong understanding of a program’s KPIs is important, there is another part of the story that is all too often overlooked. Sometimes in concentrating so much on data, call center leaders lose track of what it is that this data represents – the behavior of people interacting with customers on the phone.

The Gopher Game

Think back for a moment to when you were a kid and used to go to the amusement park. Remember the Gopher Game? The goal of the game is to take an oversized hammer and hit as many gopher heads as you could before the clock ran out. The game, however, is more difficult than it sounds. The problem is that once you hit one gopher head, another one pops out at other part of the board. And when you hit that one? Two new heads pop out somewhere else. Almost nobody hits all the gopher heads.

Cycle of Mediocrity

When a call center leader focuses solely on metrics, it is in many ways like trying to beat the gopher game. A typical scenario goes something like this. Management sees that average handle time has gone above goal. They send out the frantic order to get that metric under control. Supervisors, coaches and team leads run up and down the aisles barking at agents about the importance of reducing their call handle time. Fueled by anxiety, agents begin cutting their call times by whatever means possible. As a result, they begin to take shortcuts in their handling of calls, which causes their CSAT and QA metrics to suffer. The manager poring over his report notices that these two metrics have slipped. He shouts to his subordinates to get these indicators under control, who then run around the center yelling for agents to improve their service. Without the proper foundation, the agents overcompensate and spend more time on the phone again. The cycle begins anew.

The Solution

In order to avoid this firefighting mentality, it is essential to look beyond the spread sheet to the people and processes that are driving the numbers. By putting a standard of success in place that is backed by a plan for continual improvement, management can ensure a self-perpetuating consistency of performance.

This is typical in any organization, but what makes it so much worse in our situation is that our KPI are not actually calculated properly that they have statistical significance, which is the discussion I have had with you and Matt ad nauseum. Now that we have firmly identified the issue, drilling down with more objective review is possible. Third party anonymous reporting from current/former employees emphasis added by me –

F5 Networks Anonymous:   (Current Employee)
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has good products and very efficient on the current level (see cons)
cross-functional and group communication needs improvements
Advice to Senior Management
listening skills are essential to make improvements

F5 Networks Anonymous:   (Current Employee)
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Most people are aware of the unusual perks of this company (beer Friday, game room, etc.). In addition to these perks, I would say that F5 has a social conscience that most companies don't have and I commend them on these efforts. The benefits package is robust at a time when many companies have scaled back. The employees are very intelligent people that are motivated by the technological advantage of the product over competitors. The momentum and potential of this company are impressive and I absolutely love the idea of F5, it's the day-today reality of it that needs work.
They solicit employees pretty heavily to vote in the 'awards' so the fact that they win them is not surprising.

You will be reeled in by all the awards and perks only to find that a MOUNTAIN of work is dumped on you. F5 has great benefits and is a cool company, but have no doubt that you will work very hard. They run so lean that most employees have unrealistic workloads that require nights and weekends just to keep up. Standard Operating Procedures are almost non-existant and you will in many cases have to fight just to meet industry standards. Projects are being scoped at too high a level to get an accurate assessment of timeline and budget, then handed off for implementation to the people who should have scoped it and now have to execute under unrealistic project goals. While their technologies are superior, they have lost touch and I find it shocking that a technical company is so archaic in actual execution processes and tools. You can be working on the exact same thing as someone in a different department and both sides would benefit from a collaborative effort, but the lack of communication at the management level causes redundant work flows all over the company. If you take a look at the details of every review on here, you will notice a pattern in both good and bad reviews of the areas that were marked with lower scores.

The communication breakdown within and between departments is degrading the overall culture of F5 and I would say that this is the single biggest threat to the company. While they may see this, they may not realize how critical this has become and I am not sure if they are taking strong enough steps to fix this in time.
Advice to Senior Management
Your great ideas and strategies are being poorly executed. Identify the problem areas (communication, collaborative efforts cross-department, balanced workloads, realistic timelines) and move to correct them before the culture completely falls apart. There is dissention in the lower ranks that is being ignored and it will cost you quality employees, and more money in the long run. I am optimistic that you recognize the issues, I am just not sure you are being aggressive enough in the implementation of solutions.

F5 Networks Field Systems Engineer:   (Past Employee - 2010)
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Lots of technical information available to all employees. Information sharing/collaboration among knowledge workers was excellent.
Very little strategic direction. The products were very poorly aligned with the market needs. The functionality of the core product was excellent. A disconnect within the company regarding the user interface of the configuration utilities caused frustration among technical workers. Organizational structure was flawed; creating commodity workers.
Advice to Senior Management
Your products are over engineered and cost too much. You have strategic direction, yet the perception among your customer base regarding that is the opposite. You lack a cohesive sales strategy.
F5 Networks Anonymous in Seattle, WA:   (Past Employee - 2010)
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-Great medical, dental and vacation benefits!
-Small enough that you can help grow and expand the business. You really do make a difference.
-Lots of potential here
-On Site gym
-Beer Friday
-poltical work environment
-small enough that the more niche positions aren't available or there.
-lacking in organization and systems management that you find in larger coorperations
-in need of restructuring due to growth
Advice to Senior Management
-management is heading in the right direction in terms of technology and advancement.
-work on getting rid of the political environment inherent in a large number of companies

F5 Networks Anonymous:   (Current Employee)
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Great, market-leading technology.
Highly regarded brand.
Financially strong and well managed (by Wall Street's standards)
Innovative technology roadmap virtually assures sustained leadership position
Very high customer satisfaction and loyalty
Unrealistic business forecasting model and expectations.
Very difficult to consistantly meet quota.
Not a mentoring or coaching culture.
A lot of fear-based sales management.
If it's good, it's great. If it's not, you're all alone.
Advice to Senior Management
Create a sales culture that inspires passionate engagement rather than fearful and cautious corporate-survival strategies. Hire sales leaders who are mentors and coaches first, and forecast managers/cattle-drivers second. Make the employees feel and believe that they are more important than the quarterly guidance to Wall Street. Place a higher value on the human spirit and lead accordingly.
This is just off first page of reviews, and I think my point has more than been made. Everything in these reviews is the same story with everybody I work with here, best career ever, product is brilliant, management and communication is the disconnect not because of lack of competence or disconnect in shared goals, but failing to address growing pains and front line/customer facing concerns.
I have added my personal email to the list so ‘reply all’ will get me 24/7 and my cell is*
Phillip Hocking  Network Support Engineer II  |  |
P.  888 882 7535  |  F.  509 343 3501 | D.  509 944 3460
F5 Networks  

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From: Jeff Webb
Sent: Wednesday, February 16, 2011 3:35 PM
To: Phill Hocking
Subject: Case Notation


In OCS you wrote:
Phill Hocking
*** RESEARCH LOG 02/16/2011 10:37:50 AM jwebb Action Type:Administrative task
It seems that there is a disconnect here. Suggest a call to customer to put a fence around the problem. Also suggest getting the previously suggested validation. Does the configuration lend itself to the reported observed behavior?
are we watching all my cases and micromanaging me now?
this is seriously messed i been doing my best to perform the best and its blowing up in my face
3:01 PMPhill Hocking
what is the previously suggested validation?

Case reviews have and are a part of my responsibilities. My original notation follows:
Research Note - 2011-02-11 14:36:01 - jwebb
Suggested Actions:

1. Validate if they are using the Deployment Guide and/or Application Wizard.
2. Consult with Mike * for Exchange insights.

This is not best effort. They are a Premium Support customer. If they have followed the guide, used the wizard and it does not work, we troubleshoot the F5 product/config. If this is a design/consulting issue, then we need to advise them of such (see your manager 1st) and offer to facilitate contact with PS-Consulting.

You proceed to send a request for a QKVIEW, which was supplied days earlier. Somehow that evolved to an analysis of an iRule. The customer rightly questions that in telling us that neither iRules or snat pools are applied to the Exchange VS’s. Setup.

Their lack of MS support is not the question. If they have followed the F5 guides or the Appl Wizard and it fails, we can troubleshoot that. If they are designing on the fly, then we can offer to have F5 Consulting contact them to assist with unique design/success criteria.


This was my original email sent to my supervisor's reporting manager, when Jeff said he would back me fully but would not set up a conference I told him I was going over his head. 

From: Phill Hocking
Sent: Thursday, February 10, 2011 6:00 PM
To: Ron Runyon; Jeff Webb
Cc: Sandeep; Drew ; Jerrod ; Adam; Kevin ; Russ ; Phillip
Subject: Exceptional results with no resources

Hi Ron, just wanted to touch base and open a line of communication regarding certain strategic successes that have been worked by myself personally via our support channel. I have been speaking with Jeff regarding my overall goal of establishing rapport and customer advocacy via streamlining interactions between our various business segments. Jeff advised me that if I can prove my position, he would back me fully – and I feel that I am unable to deliver the maximum results possible without having the discretion/authority/mandate required to convince management. Ultimately my goal is to perform a case study to gauge effectiveness of adding liaisons/coaches to interactions between our functional business segments to eliminate finger pointing in the overall interest of customer service and rapport. I feel this would achieve maximum results by implementing a  Six Sigma lite - creating a team of the best talent within our organization for the purpose of not just revenue generation or customer satisfaction, but complete industry dominance. During my time here, I have identified people with talent equivalent or greater to my own within either their niche role, or industry understanding. I am certain that if I can deliver this level of total solutions architecture and rapport within the constraints of a tier ii role, having the resources to work the entire account as opposed to the ticket will not only generate greater revenues than are possible via the account channel, but greater customer satisfaction than is available through the support channel.

I am able to perform at this level with customers while meeting all kpi defined by my role, and consistently deliver exceptional results that are noteworthy distinction. I am able to do this, because every time I attempt to mobilize additional resources or raise visibility on a customer issue, even if I have identified an opportunity that should go to the accounts team – I am shut down by the process. This has happened enough times, that I simply take entire ownership of the issue and without violating our p&p, perform the role of every team in one person. Best practices and practical policy/procedure are absolutely essential in our business, but the most important part of best practice is handling exceptions. I am confident that 95% of the time, our process is correct – the remainder are kludged so badly that it impacts customer perception substantially. In my time at F5, I have met the largest collection of brilliant and capable people in my entire industry experience. I also have encountered the largest wall between front line and management, but more importantly between accounts – support, support – es, es – pd, et. al. This preference of policy to define social/business interactions introduces a staggering lack of flexibility even when an appropriate quantitative/qualitative harm or appropriate business case is presented. I have discussed the reasons for this at length and detail with Jeff, and the politics/fiefdoms ultimately in my opinion boil down to the department head/director level clashing so heavily that an artificial process has to be introduced to minimize conflict at that level, but is impractical and severely detrimental to front line and customer facing concerns. So much so, that most every time I act in the interest of customer service/satisfaction as that is my primary csf/kpi in my job description and our corporate values, I get burned at the management level because the process defining inter-department communications is contrary to interpersonal/business relationships. Relationships make or break businesses, and the only thing broken about anything I perceive in our company are the relationships at the inter-department level.

I am able to provide such amazing results because I am unencumbered by politics and at the same time, not fearful of calling it as I see it because my results are so substantial I feel it would be near impossible to oust me. I see the forest for the trees, the trees for the forest, and have no ‘agenda’, personal/professional/otherwise – I simply treat the customers (internal/external) as I would wish to be when I was performing their roles. I don’t care about money, job title, climbing the ladder, or prefer one group over the other. My ultimate and only concern is that I am given discretion and latitude to bring the front line/customer facing issues that really impact both job performance and overall perception of our company to the director level, bypassing politics entirely. I am accustomed to unilateral decision making ability and resources provided my business case and results are consistent, and that is what I am requesting now. I don’t want to make huge changes tomorrow, or call any shots – simply act as a front line Champion Six Sigma role with clear focus on achieving measurable and quantifiable financial returns from my project. The resources I am requesting are simply the same as would be given a tam/fse, ability to work deals from start to finish. Everyone I have identified and selected is on board, but not comfortable sticking their neck out in this fashion. If this request is unreasonable or you feel I would not  be the appropriate person for this position, I would like to be reassigned somewhere that my executive/director level insight and network architecture/account management abilities would provide more challenge and opportunity. The issue is not compensation, or I would have taken any of the numerous job offers I have received since working here with compensation figures I’m pretty sure you would be shocked at. I really just love my job and this company, and my only goal is to make us all play nice, hold hands, and work as a single unit instead of point fingers, blame, and quarrel to the customer detriment. All we have to lose is the work product of eight of 5k+ employees for a year, but the amount to gain can be stunning with regards to efficiency, improvement, revenue for our shareholders, satisfaction of our customers, strategic placement of our architecture and solutions, overall financial/industry/support value for our clients, and increased productivity across the board.

When you had the phone interview with me, I told you I would deliver more results than any other nse in our organization because I have worn every hat this industry has. I came through on my end, and if you let me keep the train rolling I think you will be astonished with the end result. Hope this is enough to open a line of communication, and I look forward to getting a call from you or seeing a travel itinerary in my inbox when I get in in the morning. Take care, look forward to where this goes!

Phillip Hocking  Network Support Engineer II  |  |
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fromPhill Hocking
toScot Rogers
dateMon, Feb 21, 2011 at 1:39 PM
subjectRe: RE: Termination
hide details 1:39 PM (5 hours ago)

Understood. Resultant to this I am forced to go public at this time on behalf of shareholder interest. The media will give more pressure than litigation and I hope you understand I am acting in the best interest of every party involved. Thank you for your time.
On Feb 21, 2011 1:35 PM, "Scot Rogers" <> wrote:
> Phil
> I escalated your concerns and the substance of our phone call to the appropriate authorities in the Company and I am not authorized to speak with you any further on behalf of the company.
> Regards
> Scot
> Scot F. Rogers | VP and Associate General Counsel
> F5 Networks
> P 206.272.5555
> F 206.272.5565

> D 206.272.6519
> M 206.399.9990

> From: Phill Hocking []
> Sent: Monday, February 21, 2011 1:27 PM
> To: Scot Rogers
> Subject: Fwd: Termination
> I'm going public with emails now unless you convince me otherwise.
> ---------- Forwarded message ----------
> From: "Marie Sye" <>>
> Date: Feb 21, 2011 1:19 PM
> Subject: Termination
> To: "<>" <<>>
> Cc: "Nancy Apgood" <>>
> Phil,
> Based on the incident Friday in the Spokane Office, the Company has decided to terminate your employment with F5, effective immediately. If you still have personal items that you would like, please let me know and I will have them shipped to you. As you know, you are not to come to F5 offices per the anti-trespass information provided by the Spokane Police.
> Marie E. Sye | Human Resources Manager - PS
> D 206.272-6376
> M 206.529-7426
> F 206.272.5608

More to come, (like 911 transcript when I called cops on Jeff which is the 'incident' this lady is referring to) but I figured I would leak this now while shareholders can get a chance to see it percolate through the interwebs during overnight trading and before the markets open tomorrow. I was pushing this agenda not because of myself, or to obtain more money/discretion/career or job satisfaction - but because I have two friends who are suffering from Heroin addiction. I was trying to put resources together to show them that yes indeed, you are the only one who writes your own ticket and decides where you go in life. I made it my life goal to obtain enough resources that I could put them in a world class rehab, and give them a career when they got out. I may have lost my job, but as of today they are both clean and sober with a new lease on life, because I showed them that you really can change the world if you live your beliefs. The only thing I sent past this email, was a warning to Jeff that I am an autistic savant that is covered under EEOC and that I was unwilling to be ignored when escalating up the chain that was set in policy. I violated no rules/ethics/laws and was terminated because I hurt too many egos and made too many people look foolish and incompetent. The resultant EEOC investigation and press will hurt them much more than litigiousness will.

Here is the only further correspondance I had with Ron/Jeff (do not have email thread, as I was terminated... but I had posted whole thing to my Facebook as I thought it was a nice blog lol):

Neurodiversity in the workplace/How to change the world vol 1

by Phill Hocking on Thursday, February 17, 2011 at 9:09pm
There are two types of people in this world, neurotypical and neurodiverse. Almost all neurodiverse people are forced to live and function in a neurotypical world, and it is akin to demanding someone left handed to write with their right despite the fact they are obviously at a disadvantage for no other reason than a lack of understanding. Most people who are running against the crowd or oppressed by their differences give up on their cause, which is something I simply cannot do.

Most work to live, I live to work
Most accept what they cannot change, I change what I cannot accept
Most do what they are told without question, I question what I am told to do
Most choose a specialty and focus, I focus and specialize on generalization
Most climb the ladder to have advantages that enable them to realize their vision, my vision is a world where there are no ladders or advantages.

“Be true to your work, your word, and your friend. Friends... they cherish one another's hopes. They are kind to one another's dreams. Do not hire a man who does your work for money, but him who does it for love of it. I have learned, that if one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours. If a man constantly aspires is he not elevated? In the long run, men hit only what they aim at. Therefore, they had better aim at something high. It is what a man thinks of himself that really determines his fate. There is no more encouraging fact than the unquestionable ability of man to elevate his life by conscious endeavor. I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived. Not only must we be good, but we must also be good for something. I believe that it is in my power to elevate myself this very hour above the common level of my life. There is no value in life except what you choose to place upon it and no happiness in any place except what you bring to it yourself. What you get by achieving your goals is to as important as what you become by achieving your goals.” –My personal philosophy c/o all of HDT’s works.

Greatness is achieved by never letting others interfere with what you feel is right and necessary. I refuse to be marginalized because I am the sigma, and as most are willing to adhere to ad populum and tradition – I cannot compromise my principles to be a cog in the machine when I can engineer a better machine. Socrates was executed for championing reason over religion, Copernicus locked in his tower for maintaining the world was not flat, Aristotle mocked for implying the terra revolved around the heavens… fast forward to Zuckerberg changing humankind with twenty grand and some hackjob php and unix chops advancing humankind farther than any other single innovation in human history within the span of a decade. The universe is greater than our understanding of it.

"Not every critic is a genius, but every genius is born a critic...genius has the proof of all rules within itself." -Lessing
"Genius demonstrates its autonomy not by ignoring all rules, but by deriving the rules from itself" -Kneller

My approach is simply dialectic as opposed to analytic, qualitative instead of quantitative.... it is not what we see but what we understand that really matters.

Pinning me down to a title and narrow responsibilities/scope/resources is only limiting my ability to deliver the most exceptional results and analysis. Refusing to act upon my analysis because it requires exception to the rule is more foolish than allowing me to work outside of the rules to determine what they should be. Brilliance and capability like mine typically go to waste or are not used to their potential because men in positions of power only trust those that have the equivalent or greater power. The amount of change I can bring is only limited by the lack of willingness to consider a different viewpoint despite the actual corporate/organizational/departmental goals, and I do not want to have direct responsibility for managing anything – simply analyze everything and present said analysis/insight to the appropriate parties. Considering that does not represent ‘undue hardship’ in any way because any individual accomodation I am requesting is given to thousands in our corporate workforce without a ‘disability’ (gift actually…).  My capability is greater than ten of the recent new hires and is objectively proven by the customer advocating my approach directly to management. It is absurd and wasteful to not recognize, appreciate, cultivate, and reward it.

So, I lost the best 'job' of my life, and saved two lives irl... fair trade. Keep the ball rolling guys, lets to "Pay It Forward" for reals - all you have to do is go above and beyond what is needed and inspire those around you to do the same and live their principles. My first 'people project' was an incredible success, my list of stuff I want to check off:

1. My friend Jesse who is an amazing family/business man that could do more than me with the right opportunity.
2. My father Glenn, who worked his ass off in hard labor his whole life and when the market tanked, can't find a minimum wage machining job and lives at a men's mission.
3. My step-father Todd, brilliant DBA that is scraping paycheck to paycheck because he works .gov and would get 5x compensation in private sector with his own resume, just doesn't have the balls to risk what he has.
4. My mother Andrea, who like my father worked hard her whole life barely scraping by and cannot work without costing their household more in daycare than she can earn with her skillset.
5. The love of my life Nicole, has a masters and is brilliant as anyone I have ever met, but so psychologically unbalanced she cannot maintain a job.
6. The white whale Sabrina, who just wants to look the way she wants and earn an honest living super bangin alt model type that doesn't know how to express herself in a way that leads to employment.
7. My homeboys Jerrod, Adam, and Kevin - the most brilliant engineers I have ever had the pleasure of working with that are saddled with so much busywork their brilliance is missed in the shuffle.
8. Myself, I have worked so hard and so long I don't even have a life to speak of and spend every night alone with my labor just like Thoreau. I want just a few of the things that the above fight/fought for their entire lives so I can stop trying to save the world and live my own life.

You help me with the resources I need to check off my list, and I will check off yours. The more momentum we bring the more we can change the world. Fuck Jobs and Zuck, they wanted to change the world so people recognized their brilliance. I am changing the world to make it better for everyone, and I hope you will too. Join the movement by sending me an email asking how you can help, and comment this blog - I will get back as quickly as I can, but would be more excited if I saw you answering each other.

Much love,



  1. Congratulations - by posting this catharsis against your former employer online, you have eliminated any chance of getting hired in the future by a reputable company. In my opinion, the amount of blind arrogance and egocentrism displayed in this marathon of an essay points to emotional problems and mental imbalance.

  2. I'm sorry I couldn't follow the thread of this whole dissemination. While I approve of the WikiLeaks type air you've tried to give, this is not organized for people outside of this situation to follow.

    There is no explanation of who we are reading about (are we talking to VPs within F5? ADP people? Call center friends?), what we are reading about, and why? I mean, honestly, what is the situation we are supposed to sympathize with? Other than you were told to watch you own back in your little group....?

    If you went and made a wiki somewhere with all this info, leaked e-mails, side information as to whom or what is being spoken about (without trade secret details, etc, etc), that would be fine. I would love that.

    Maybe turn it into a book of technological espionage of a small-but-growing tech company. There are plenty out there.

    Oh, and I gave up about half way through, I just couldn't get the flow of situation or context....

  3. Did you seriously send am e-mail containing this?

    "I require 1.137 million deposited in my business account @ bank of America * or I leak these documents today."

    ... and then proceeded to demand a director-level position in the company? Are you absolutely insane? No wonder they contacted the police.

  4. A profound example of the insidiousness of the common corporate environment. Props Phill for not only standing on principle but for having some in the first place.
    @Benjamin: You are pathetic. You think only in terms of employment. Only a coward works for another person long term. You must not have the spine to go make your OWN money. Oh well... people who do [have a spine] will always need someone to do the things we don't want to do. Have a nice "safe" life.

  5. Jesse, you are an absolute nutjob. This has nothing to do with "having a spine." This is about Phill trying to extort millions of dollars from his employer. Someone thanks him for fixing a bug in some transaction code, and suddenly he thinks he's the next Mark Zuckerberg.

    The fact that he's delusional is not even up for debate, in previous posts (regarding getting arrested THREE TIMES) he even admits that he's stopped taking medication for his "psychological problems."

    My favorite line in one of the emails is "my results are so substantial I feel it would be near impossible to oust me." ZING!!!

  6. It is impossible to oust me without millions in liability. I tried to let them save the egg off their face. They incurred millions upon millions in liability, and I simply wanted to give them the opportunity to have a price for those actions but not litigate it out. Any organization that does wrong has to have a price associated for doing that wrong, or there is nothing stopping the perpetuation of wrong. I was not 'blackmailing' simply insuring there was a large enough price tag that change was forced instead of suggested. It isn't supposed to be easy to follow, if I added too much of my own commentary it would not be a 'leak'. I have millions in consulting lined up, but thanks for saying I cannot 'work at a reputable company' as that is true, I work for myself.

  7. Ive been arrested dozens of times, no convictions. Wonder why... oh yeah, "Thoreau Embodied" might have been a hint....

  8. The big question.... did you get anything out of this, other than being arrested and a restraining order being placed on you.

    Did F5 fork over the dough (I'm thinking not because 1) you wouldn't have posted this and 2) it would have had a gag order in it and if you did post this drivel, then they would have their money back... legally).

  9. Thank you so much!

    This is an unintended consequence of your posting, I'm sure, but the picture painted of F5 networks convinced me NOT to pursue an open position with them. I appreciate you saving me from the grief of "mountains of work" requiring "nights and weekends" to meet my numbers.

  10. I'm speechless ...
    You receive a kudo from a customer and you attempt to blackmail your employer?

    Well obviously with this blog post I'm sure you're finally going to be locked up and receive the medical attention you obviously require.

    But good luck with EVER getting a job beyond washing dishes. That and if you ever think any reputable business will ever allow you or your so called "consulting" business anywhere near their systems .... you define delusional.

  11. @ Steve -

    Interesting post you made about you choosing not to persue an open position with F5. Last time I checked F5 has never had any postions for Bar Tenders.

    As per your Blog -

    SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 6, 2011
    Tipping, Big and Small (or Not At All)
    Tonight, I received the biggest tip of my career in terms of percentage.
    Read more »
    Posted by Steve Kramer at 1:07 AM 0 comments

    The people you meet...
    One of the fun aspects of tending bar -- especially at a business-oriented hotel -- is that you never know who you're going to meet. Tonight, I met a landscape photographer whose work I happened upon (and admired) while in Honolulu earlier this year: Peter Lik. He and a crew from NBC Cable were in the area, filming for a special on the Olympic Rainforest that will air on The Weather Channel in March. Stay tuned!